Dr. Qiyun Zhu teaches two courses regularly at Arizona State University.

BIO/MIC 494/598: Microbiome Data Science

Fall semesters, 3 credits

Developed by Dr. Zhu, it addresses computational methods and applications for studying microbiomes. Topics include Linux, Jupyter, GitHub, QIIME 2, sequencing data processing, classification, metagenome assembly, phylogenomics, diversity analysis, correlation analysis, high-dimensional statistics, and machine learning.

BIO/MBB/MAT 355: Intro to Computation Molec Bio

Spring semesters, 3 credits

It introduces the theories and applications of computational biology. It prepares students for conducting quantitative research using Python, Linux, and Colab, as well as various programs, libraries, and databases. Topics include sequence alignment, homology search, molecular phylogenetics, comparative genomics, gene expression, protein structure and function, machine learning, and more.